Stop Blaming Bad Things

by Gurwinder

A few years ago, I saw how a man’s career was destroyed due to a small mindset. New Young Business Executives were given in New Advertising Company. The three offices were the same, but the fourth office was small.

J.M. was given the fourth office. This leads to his significant injury to his guts. He immediately felt that he was discriminated against.
Spiritual thinking, anger, bitterness, envy occupy his mind. J. M. Began to feel that people considered him to be less worthwhile. Even It happened that J.M. Impressed against their executives. Instead of cooperating, they try to usurp their efforts. The atmosphere was getting worse. Three months later J. M. The behaviour became so bad that the management had no choice but to remove it.
You can get injurious things with insignificant thorns, as if your name is finally written in the department list or you are given the fourth carbon copy of an office memo.

Think big and stop undesirable things.

Book: The Big Magic of Thinking

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