Nature and Farmers

by Smeep Kaur

Teja Singh, who took ration from the city, stayed with his friend Seth Mangat Ram, who was owned a
cloth shop. Let's drink tea water, and by then the clouds will also disperse a little. He thought. When he
reached there, Seth was telling his servant, "Chhotu keep the stuff inside quickly, the clouds are coming
up, I don’t want whole day’s hard work to get wasted. " Teja Singh, who was sitting inside the shop,
started thinking, "Seth is putting things back in the shop just to avoid wasting the whole day's work, to
whom will I owe my six month’s hard work which is standing ripened openly under the sky? Wow! That
is why it is said that mother nature has a very strong relationship with a farmer. Dear God, now it is in
your hands, whether you have to keep it or break it. " Thinking of this in his own mind, Teja Singh got up
and upon seeing the stopped drops of rain, he started his scooter and rode off towards the village.

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