Dress and the Food

by Smeep Kaur

Sheikh Saadi was a great scholar of Persia, once the king called him. The king’s court was very far, so, at
night, he took shelter in a wealthy man’s house.
The ordinary dress that he was wearing was not good, so the rich did not give him good food. The next
day, Saadi left the house and went to the king’s court.
The king gave him great respect and presented him beautiful clothes to wear; Sheikh just wore one of
Then, he started his return journey from the king’s place. Again, he took refuge in the same home that
Now seeing the good clothes, the rich gave him good food and showed great respect. This time, Sheikh
simply did not consume that food. Instead, he took it and put it in his pocket. The people in the house
were amazed. They asked him about it.
Sheikh Saadi told them that when he was going to the king, he took shelter in this house. But at that
time he was not wearing good clothes. Therefore, he was not suitable for this meal, but this good food is
eligible for this dress, so that is why he did this.
The owner and the people were embarrassed by their work. They requested that he forgive them for
their hideous actions.

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