by Gurwinder

I used to study in a rural primary school, where there were eight classes, the teacher was one and forty children were thrown in one room. The new teacher is always harassed. All students, under the leadership of older children, i.e. class VII, were ready to be harras the teacher.

One year, there was a lot of rage. Every day there are school mischiefs including chalk dropping, paper aeroplane flying etc. Apart from this, many major events took place, the teacher was kept out of school for half a day Because the door was from the inside. On the next day, the opposite was done, that is, the teacher was closed in the school because the door was locked from the outside. One day a naughty child brought his dog to school. But let me tell you, these children were not of the offender type. They did not mean to steal, do physical violence or harm. They were healthy children who used to pull out their energies through their mischief. The teacher managed to stay in school for some reason on that year, but the next year the new teacher had to be appointed and it did not surprise anyone.

The attitude of the new teacher was different from the old teacher. He awakened his feelings of praise. She encouraged the children to work wisely. Every child was assigned a specific responsibility, such as cleaning a blackboard, cleaning a duster, or helping small children. The new teacher researched the creative ways of using the powerful energy of children, when such strong energy first used to be wasted in mischief. The foundation of his educational program was to create a character.

Why were the children in the first year behaving like the devil, and the following year, why did these children start behaving like gods? The difference was from their leader, that is, their teacher’s. Honestly speaking, we can not blame the children for their mischief. This was the teacher’s fault that did not lead the children in the right direction.

The first teacher did not care about the progress of children from inside. She did not set any goals for children. She did not encourage them. She could not control his anger. She did not like to teach, so children did not like to study.

But the other teacher made high, positive standards. They kids Really loved it and wanted them to be something. They behaved like human beings with each other. Sge got all the discipline because she was disciplined in all his work.

In each case, students learned from their teacher’s example.

We used to see similar behaviour every day in the big groups. During World War II, the commanders of the Second World War | Most of all, the hoslon did not put into pieces those whose captains were ‘anxious, anxious or uncomfortable. The best part was where the captain himself walked high on the scale and he followed them. In the army, such officers are not honoured whose scale is below.

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