The dream of being rich is more important than money Itself.

by Gurwinder

It has become necessary to note that those people who do not have money, but, the dream of being rich, can also fulfil their mission through hard work. Goswami took Rs.10 as a loan and began his venture of salads, and thus earned millions by expanding his business. The only thing required was well-planned actions and hard work, and thus, through these, the entrepreneurial story of Frank Winfield Woolworth has been inspired.

Woolworth carried the dream of being rich, but he had no money with him. Without shoes, and any salary, Woolworth began working in a New York store, at the age of 21. After years of hard work, he somehow managed to borrow $300, and opened a store on June 21, 1879, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where every item was either of 5cents or 10 cents. By 1911, there were more than 10,000 stores opened in America and other Countries. When in 1919, Woolworth took his last breath, his net worth was nearly 3-4 billion 1913, he had built the world’s tallest building known as Woolworth Building.

Hence, it is clear that in order to be rich, one does not necessary have money beforehand. What matters most is having a dream and a belief in it.

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