by Smeep Kaur

Often through jokes, we make fun of, with whom we are jealous. As you will find, the joke of
Sardar has been lynched throughout the country. There is a depth behind it. We are jealous of the
rulers. The reason of jealousy is also clear. Sardar is stronger than us, braver too. In every sphere,
they are ahead of Indians. The whole of India is full of deep jealousy against the Sikhs. If we are
standing with the Sardar, then we are inclined to avenge, we thus take revenge by making
ridicule. This joke is a lie due to deep jealousy for the Sikhs. Just as the Jews are mocked in the
West, there is a reason behind that. The jealousy is because of the talent of the Jews. Where the
Jews have their feet, the rest have to retreat from there. Nobel Prize received from the Jews, they

did not find anyone in the world. There are three Jews in the three Jews who influence this
century. Marcus, Fried, and Albert Einstein Marx impressed half the world, Frida occupied all
psychology and Einstein and all science. The Jews keep their feet in motion. The genius of the
Jews is that talent is uncomfortable. Jealousy, we take revenge by making fun of the whole
country is jealous of the Sikhs because the Sikh courage is ahead of us. We want to copy it and
take it to our own level.

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