Education is the real Wealth

by Gurwinder

Once there was an intelligent man who used to teach his kids great lessons ,” My dear sons, learn to educate yourself ; do not trust the glitter that gold shows in the world ; whatever rights you have , you can access them in your own country ; and the fear of losing wealth always surrounds your mindset, may be it can be lost all of a sudden or slowly”.” But the wealth of education is a neverending source, and even if a learned person is poor, he will never be upset or sad in his life because he will always have his learnings by his side.

Once in an ancient village, a revolution occurred.All the useless people fleed from there and only the intelligent ones became the king’s ministers, while the rich but stupid sons of previous ministers had no other choice but to beg for money on the streets.

And so, the father said, “ if you really want the wealth of your father, then learn the qualiyties of his, coz those are the ones which will help you sustain in life. Money, can be because lost in a matter of days.”

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